May 2013
Our Honorary President, David Fletcher MBE, has done it again! His latest work is the long awaited Haynes Manual for the Mk IV tank which covers the entire story of the Great War tank from the early experiments right through to telling the stories of the surviving examples. The book is packed full of terrific detail and it also includes many wonderful period images. Surely a must for all of our members and Friends of the Lincoln Tank even gets a mention in the text on page 143! The RRP of the new book is £21.99 and it is available from the publishers or from all good bookshops.

April 2013
The civilian workers who worked so hard to create the first tank in Lincoln have never received the credit they deserve, until now. The Lincoln Tank Memorial Group has been formed with the specific purpose of erecting a memorial to Lincolns proud engineering heritage, to be unveiled in the City in 2014. The group is headed up by the well known fund raisers and philanthropists Joe Cooke and Frank Connell, assisted by Julie Cooke, who actually had relatives who worked at William Foster and Co Ltd on Tank production during WW1. The proposed memorial will be a larger than life, two dimensional silhouette of a tank being worked on by Fosters civilian staff. The entire structure will be created from Corten steel, the same material used in the construction of the Angel of the North. The group have already had interest and donations from private individuals and institutions all over the world. If you would like more information or would like to donate to the memorial appeal, get in touch with Julie at or visit

Artist impression of the Tank Memorial

We are delighted that a long overdue Memorial to the Lincolnshire Regiment has been unveiled at the Sobraon Barracks in Lincoln. Group member Michael Credland designed the Memorial which is sited in the park behind the Barracks, accessible from Dunkirk Road. Please take some time to take a look.

On the 29th and 30th May 2010 Friends of the Lincoln Tank visited the Carrington Steam and Vintage Rally. This was a very special event for us as it marked the public unveiling of our wooden prototype Mk IV tank main armourment sponson.  The sponson was well received at the Carrington Rally and judging by the response we got from the general public, people are right behind our scheme to create a replica Mk IV tank by 2016. Friends of the Lincoln Tank will be displaying the sponson at Arms Forces Day at Lincoln Castle on 26th June 2010, we’d enjoy meeting you and hearing your views on the project. For further information or to make a donation, please get in touch via the Friends of the Lincoln Tank website.

A number of members of the group attended the unveiling of the new Heavy Branch-Machine Gun Corps and Tank Corps memorial at Poelcapelle on 10 October. The day was both memorable and emotional for all those who went. Our Chairman, Richard Pullen was honoured to be able to lay our wreath accompanied by the grandson of Captain Clement Robinson of the Tank Corps, who won the Corps their first VC. Richard was moved to note that Captain Robinson’s grandson was actually wearing that very VC.

A Geophysical Survey was carried out on Saturday 12 September at the Water Tower, Wickham Gardens, Lincoln to try and locate the site of the resting place of Lincoln’s Presentation Tank. Friends of the Lincoln Tank members Dave and Angie Hibbitt (Grid Nine Geophysics) carried out the earth resistance survey on the grassy area in front of the tower, hoping to be able to find evidence of any remaining plinth or railing under the surface.