The Mystery of the Tank that came back from the War

Originally published: September 2014 Investigations have revealed that a famous Lincoln tank is not quite what it seems. For more than 30 years, the tank has taken pride of place at the Museum of Lincolnshire Life, loaned by Bovington Tank Museum to honour the city’s role in the invention of the machine.  During that time, … Read more The Mystery of the Tank that came back from the War

The On War Service Badge

August 1914 saw the outbreak of the war to end all wars. On a wave of patriotism, many young able-bodied men flocked to enlist in the ranks, whilst those of military age who remained came under close scrutiny. Many of these were perceived to be shirking their duty and were liable to be treated harshly … Read more The On War Service Badge

History of the Tank

The war that was widely expected to end by Christmas 1914 soon reached a stalemate, with thousands of men dying daily along 450 miles of fortified trenches running from the North Sea coast of Belgium through France to its border with Switzerland.  The opportunity for either side to break through the opposing lines had been … Read more History of the Tank